About us

Since Ancient Times, Gemstones were known as healers, as protectors, as an empowering attribute to any Kingdom Worldwide. The time passed by and people have forgotten about the Superpower of every stone and became ignorant of the wisdom of the Earth, that still producing for us this miraculous object. We all are connected to the Universe as we are to each other. Civilizations discovered the Super energies held within natural resources in the Earth and used healing stones to bring balance in the whole body. Today, many unique gemstones are known and used as jewelry pieces to exude confidence, beauty and spiritual healing for those who wear them. Each Chakra has a healing stone associated with it to improve the flow of energy within the body and to help clear the senses and revitalize us, physically and emotionally. From love and healing to protection and compassion, their Universal power helps us find what we’re looking for within ourselves!

And your natural question would be: “What possible “magical” properties each gemstone may possess?” Well, it is known that minerals are accumulating and channel large quantities of energy to the person that wears them, as well as transmitting it to the outside World as information (in codes), poses protective functions, influencing moods, healing, increasing intuitive capabilities and affecting your temper.

Minerals from which the gemstones are made combine several aspects of Magical Powers.

After many centuries of observations and scientific studies, it is possible now to differentiate between “unhappy” or “happy”, “unkind” or “kind”, “friendly” healing” “protecting” and many other qualities of the gemstones. From various ancient stories and papers, we have learned abut the powerful and miraculous crowns and necklaces that have been decorated by gemstones (mostly Diamonds and Rubies) that deeply affected mentally their wearer.

The secret of the Natural Gemstones is that, each of them has a story and if you have chosen the perfect gemstone, his story will empower, heal and protect you.  Our professionals will thoroughly guide you through the Fabulous World of the Gemstones and will help you to find your perfect matches.Thus, our business model includes educational platform and spiritual guidance to identify The Perfect gemstone for you.

Our Commitment:

Our unique collections are handmade by gem specialists and jewelers, that spent their lives traveling the World and Learning the art of crafting beautiful pieces from natural stones. Many of these jewelers have European and American Schooling. Our commitment to you is about bringing the highest quality, ready to wear, products, or to help you create your own design and to make you feel unique while wearing our gems.

We do want you to be remembered as Unforgettable, Because you are wearing our gemstones.

You will Love our precious jewelries and their powerful energy!