A Set of Turquoise breccia Earrings and Ring “Fantasy”


Eastern merchants used the proverb “The hand that wears a turquoise ring does not waste its time,” and their deeds progressed well. Wanderers and caravans took turquoise with them on a journey so that it would drive away evil and dangers from them.
Turquoise, set in silver, it is recommended to wear with neuroses, insomnia, unstable emotional state. In gold, this gem is good for strengthening and maintaining immunity. In case of problems with digestive organs, you can wear a pendant or beads from turquoise. People who are engaged in singing – professionally or amateurly – are also recommended to wear turquoise around the neck, this will protect the ligaments and smooth out the effect of colds. Since turquoise comes into contact with its owner, a sudden change in the color of the stone can be a signal about the onset of some disease.
Turquoise was often given to women – as guardians of the home, and to express their tender feelings.
In the Family turquoise keeps much love, respect and harmony.

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A set of silver handmade with natural, brecciated turquoise of extraordinary beauty, Excellent quality. Hand cutting of stones.
(The Kazakhstan Deposit)

Breccia turquoise – in veined quartz and quartzite turquoise plays the role of cement, fastening the finely divided material and forming the so-called “breccia turquoise”. Less often, the reverse process is observed, ie, with a later crushing initially monolithic veins and turquoise inclusions are destroyed to small angular fragments and cemented by late quartz. This can be observed in this ring. Many turquoises have few inclusions.

The name of the stone comes from the Persian word “Firuza”, meaning “victorious”, “victorious”.
Turquoise has always been considered a stone of happiness.


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