Agate from Madagascar Earrings and RIng


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Set of handmade silver with natural, amazing beauty agate. Unique drawing, delicate spring colors. Not tinted! (Madagascar field)

The beauty of Agate is always unique, original and actual! Buying an ornament from this stone, you can be sure that you have purchased an exclusive-the second one you will not find!
Agate Stone can be called a stone of happiness without exaggeration. According to one of the versions, the name of the mineral comes from the Greek “Ahates” – good, happy, kind. Gives courage to its owner, extends the lifespan. In the countries of Europe, it is considered as a sign of longevity, health, well-being. The owner of ornaments and amulets save from various dangers and negative influence.

Size of the Stone in the RIng- 4cm- 1,5748 inches
Ring’s weight -16,8 gram- 0.5925 oz
Size of the stone in Earrings- 3,5 cm- 1.3173 inches
Lenght of earrings- 4,5 cm-1.7716 inches
Earrings weight- 20,05 gram- 0.70724 inches


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