Black Agate


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Ring-mascot made of silver handmade with natural black agate. From Brazil stone building.

Black agate balances the psychic and vital energy of a person in him, he gives him faith in himself, helps to seek out what is hidden. Stone agate can save a person from unpleasant emotional experiences.
Helps to find strength for doing the necessary things. Has a positive effect on human health, improving both the general condition and the work of each individual system or organ. Agate – a stone of prosperity, he will take care of the health of his owner for many years
Since ancient times it has been recognized as an excellent protective talisman, more than others, agate stone has properties to protect young children. During pregnancy, many ancient magicians recommended wearing girls jewelry with black agate, in their opinion, it helped protect both the baby and his mother during childbirth. If the birth was successful, then the stone was kept with him, because the decoration in the form of a suspension that is in the chest area helps to preserve milk, strengthening its nutritional properties for the newborn.

In Slavic culture, this symbol has long meant longevity and wisdom. On closer examination, we can find six eights, interwoven with each other. According to the teaching of numerology, the Six is ​​the number of luck, and the eight is the symbol of the developing infinity – the “eternal knot”, which is identified with endless love. It also means unceasing eternal life, infinity, wisdom and awareness.

Therefore, this site was still considered a sign of longevity, which was widespread in various world cultures. It is found both among the ancient Slavs, and among the Tibetan Buddhists (denotes luck), and in China under the traditional name “knot of happiness”.

This amulet helps to find an energy balance and to be protected from suffering and disease, to be saturated with the necessary vitality and to receive life-giving energy. At the symbolic level, it means the endless growth, development, aspiration for cognition and, accordingly, the eternal youth of mind and soul. Only being in the energy balance, a person can make his life happy and healthy.
According to ancient tradition, gold is considered the best conductor of cosmic energy, therefore gold amulets are of special value.


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