Chrysocolla Earrings in Silver


Chrysocolla brings peace and tranquility to the soul. Helps to see all the most intimate and invisible to the human eye.
In the family, the chrysocolla brings patience, harmony and a strong relationship between the spouses. Women make this stone soft and pliable, they are suppressed by anger and unreasonable discontent. Allows to see in the wife only good positive qualities and to be reconciled with insignificant lacks. It will help to avoid small and large quarrels, to reach mutual understanding and renew old relations.
Meditation with this stone will give an opportunity to feel full of happiness, a burst of new strength, peace and tranquility. The main function of this stone is to protect the whole world from negative impacts.
In the stone there is a great and mighty power of the ancient Mother Goddess, who is the progenitor of the world.
The stone of the chrysocolla is a talisman for all creative individuals and, in addition, for indigo children. As an amulet protects the owner from the evil eye, drives away the dark forces.

Malachite is a stone of spring. Perfect, full of life. He gives support and healing, and prepares for a fertile period. Malachite reveals the ancient power of the primordial Woman: Loving, feminine, accepting. Malachite is the symbol of love and personifies the beginning and continuation of life

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Earrings handmade with an unusually beautiful, bright chrysocolla. Exclusive decoration! Photo does not convey the magic and beauty of the stones!
Filigree-ring is made in the best traditions of Russian jewelry. Oxidized jewelry alloy (FeCrTi). Petals are the technology of hot enamel.
The deposit of stones of Peru.

To the earrings there is a luxurious ring.

Chrysocolla is endowed with very strong magical abilities. It harmonizes the connection between the soul and the physical body. Through meditation with this stone, you can try to establish a connection between cosmic forces and personal ones. If you simply hold this stone in your hand, then the feeling of fear and tension disappears, all illusions are dispelled.


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