Earrings from CHRYSOPRASE


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Silver Handmade earrings with natural Chryzoprase of high quality.
A wonderful, translucent stone of apple-green color with an internal glow.
(Deposit Kazakhstan)
Chrysoprase-A surprisingly beautiful stone is considered a source of optimism.
It is directly connected with the feeling of world harmony and higher order. Chrysoprase affects the host, gradually changing his worldview and the sense of human participation in the affairs of this world.
The stone is distinguished by its magical qualities, so it is often used in the form of amulets. The most effective amulets, protecting from the evil eye, Nightmare night dreams. A man with an amulet from chrysoprase to life will be successful and happy. He recognizable new friends, opens his business, will earn money. With such a talisman you can attract to your side fortune, return the joy of life, get rich. In addition, Chrysoprase is able to take envy, slander. By means of a stone, it is possible to remove spoilage.
Thanks to Chryzoprase man will be able to overcome fears, overcome difficult life situations. The stone protects against accidents, injuries, unforeseen circumstances.
He will encourage his owner to commit the right actions, making the right decisions.


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