Earrings from Natural Rauh Topaz


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Silver earrings handmade from a beautiful, rich coffee color Rauh Topaz. Jeweled cut stone-cabochon high oval. Brazilian origin.
To the earrings, there is a ring.
Rauh topaz is a stone with a very strong energy, a dark stone of enlightenment.
The power of the stone awakens the female power, wisdom, magic …

Rauhtopaz as no other stone is able to soothe and purify the mind, free from negative energy. It is believed that Rauh Topaz-talisman attracts wealth and prosperity to its owner.
Best of all smoky quartz shows its properties in a silver frame.

Size of the stone is- 0.866 inches (2,2 cm)
Length of the Earrings 1,259 inches (3,2 cm)


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