Kyanite Earrings


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Silver earrings handmade with natural blue Kyanite (disten). Bright stone iris. US building
To the earrings there is a beautiful ring.

Kyanite is one of the few stones that never needs additional cleansing. It does not accumulate negative energy and vibrations. The energy of kyanite is inexhaustible and it is one of the most remarkable stones for use in crystal therapy.

Kyanite affects all chakras immediately by activating them, for this there is no need to create a conscious intention, this happens automatically, as soon as the kyanite comes in contact with a person. If you use the energy of kyanite consciously, you can build / align all energy bodies.
The energy of this stone brings peace and pacification, soothing effect extends to all spheres. Kyanite eliminates anger, frustration and helps to restore and preserve the clarity of thought. It protects a person from actions and situations that can lead to energy losses and weakening of a person. Dispels doubts that arise on the emotional, spiritual and mental plane.

Kyanite gives strength for the continuation of the started affairs and projects and their successful completion. A beautiful crystal for meditation, helps to quickly immerse in a meditative state.

It is also very effective in lucid dreams, helps to solve existing problems during sleep, showing situations and possible best solutions. Balances the energy of Yin / Yang.


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