Labradorite “Black Moonstone”


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A large pendant of silver handmade with an unusually beautiful labradorite (black moonstone). Exclusive! The color of the stone is natural, has a strong iris, a bright play of colors from blue to emerald. In the stone incorporating natural flickering particles. The photo does not transmit. It’s great!
The deposit of the stone is Finland.

Labrador-mythical stone Hyperborea.
Labrador is one of the most mysterious and unusual stones. Its color, with the right cut, simply captivates, flashing all colors in bright light.

The stone labrador is very attached to the owner, loves it and is able to help carry out the most daring plans, practically making impossible at first glance, things real. Embellishment with a Labrador expands consciousness and opens access to cosmic forces, awakens hidden talents in a person and helps them to realize themselves.
The stone protects its owner from the troubles and negative energy of people, dispels illusions, helping people to penetrate the essence of things. An amulet made from a mineral helps to get rid of fears and self-doubt.
The stone chooses you once and for all, take care of this trust. The healing properties of the stone are very uncommon. It can have a healthy effect on all body systems. The black moonstone in folk medicine is called the “psychotherapist” of man. Because its effect occurs through the psyche. First, there is an awareness of the disease, then the reserve forces of the organism are included with the program for healing.

It is believed that a man wearing a labradorite – as if carries a charm.


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