Labradorite Ring


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A luxurious handmade ring with a bright blue, natural labradorite. The stone building of Madagascar
Filigree-ring is made in the best traditions of Russian jewelry art. Oxidized jewelry alloy (FeCrTi). Petals -technique of hot enamel.

There is a matching pendant to the Ring.

The ancients believed that the moon crystal is a messenger of the Hyperboreans. Gem will bring happiness to good people, and bad personalities with bad thoughts, on the contrary, will punish. It is believed that Labrador helps develop an extrasensory gift, so sorcerers, magicians and sorcerers wore amulets with crystals. One of the main magic properties of a mineral is its ability to strengthen intuition, to anticipate situations, to develop mental abilities. The stone gives the possessor wisdom, secret knowledge. It is said that wearing amulets from Labradors helps you get rid of the shadows of the past, release it, overcome fears and doubts.
The stone labrador is known for a long time. One of the most beautiful and ancient representatives of the stone kingdom – the Labrador has gained wide popularity among people, and some people even worshiped him. Science has been known since 1770, and before that the breed was called peacock or moonstone. In the 19th century, the famous writer W. Collins dedicated the book “Moonstone” to Labrador, telling how an unusual mineral can change people’s destinies.


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