Larimar earrings “Lamaria”


The quality of the gems is impeccable, the sterling silver clasp is strong and lasting.  Larimar is a volcanic stone, blue pectolite, and its deposit is located on the only square kilometer of planet Earth, in the Dominican Republic.
Despite the fact that the mine was discovered a hundred years ago, a new discovery of the stone occurred in 1974 by the Dominican geologist Miguel Mendes, who gave the stone a name, the first part of the name in honor of his daughter Larisa, and the second Mar-Sea.

This stone is also called the Atlantis stone, according to the hypothesis that Haiti and Dominican are the remnants of the legendary Atlantis.

The stone, although is the pectolite and its quite expensive, not only because of its uniqueness. Obtain a stone by hand, often at a depth of more than 30 meters.
In the season of tropical downpours, work is curtailed, and this is 5 months a year. And only less than 10% of the mined stones are suitable for jewelry.

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Earrings handmade from silver with natural beautiful Larimars. Hand-cut stones.
(The Dominican Republic)

Larimar is a wonderful stone. If you look closely at its beauty, you can see gentle overflows of blue sea waters, you can hear the cry of seagulls and feel the salty taste of fresh sea air. The strong energy of the breed inspires you to travel, carries the sun and the tranquility of the water element.
Among professional jewelers, there are other names for gem: Haitian or Dominican turquoise, dolphin and Atlantic stone (Atlantis). The monotonous name atlantis, for example, is due to the fact that it is common for the Dominican to be considered a part of Atlantis that was sunk.


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